Seiwa Support can provide full support for our staff because we work closely with the community

We value our staff working environment as we are community-base temp agency.
We aim to be close with and be for the staff.
We support the development of an easy-to-live and easy-to-work environment.

An exclusive staff (tantosha) will follow the worker from job introduction to enrollment! Skilled workers are introduced to the most suitable jobs of their choice.
Any work concerns or problems are handled promptly.

Personal development (skill up) in a simple way using a smartphone.
More than 120 stage courses available
(office work, sales, services, production, etc.)
At career-up classes you can learn and earn hourly wages (available in Japanese, Portuguese)

Reliable support for life and work!
Social insurance system, paid leave system, work injury insurance, health checkups, stress check (for free), accident and sickness benefits, maternity and childcare leaves, free transportation.

Apply through the homepage.
Start working in only 3 steps.

1 Apply

Apply through the homepage.
The registration process is simple.

2 Interview

Once you apply, our company is going to set an interview. After that, you will be interviewed.

3 Job introduction

We will introduce a job that fits you. We will support you since the beginning so you can work at ease.

You will be introduced to the latest job information Seiwa Support can provide

Seiwa Support can introduce a variety of jobs from a wide area, from Shizuoka Prefecture west and central areas to the east area of Aichi Prefecture.
Let us know if you find any interesting job. Our staff will be pleased to answer your inquiries.

Count on us for business outsourcing

Our experienced and specialized staff will be pointedly assigned to integrate all business tasks.
Allocation of highly skilled and specialized staff for companies seeking productivity and cost effectiveness.
Overall support of business tasks by our strictly selected personnel.

Outsourcing business tasks represents the response to work force according to the work volume.
A wide variety of business tasks can be outsourced, such as production lines, per process, batch contract, parts/ product inspections, etc.
Our flexibility to adapt to client's needs.


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