For women who seeks: " I'd like to work as an office secretary" or "I'd like to maintain my work-life balance"
Office work assistant
Private vehicle commuting allowed Days-off: Saturdays and Sundays
Job location
Hamamatsu-shi Minami-ku Yonezu-cho
Hourly wage 1,200 yen + commuting allowance as regulated
Job contract
Worker dispatch
Job content
Clean and easy-to-work place. Simple data input and slip processing!
Data input to Excel files or designated systems
※ Data input experience is welcome ◎
Type of human resources we seek
Experience in data input on Excel, other systems
※ Female workers between 20's and 40's are at the forefront◎
Working hours and days
8:00 to 17:00 
Let us know if you have any other work time on mind.
Days-off: Saturdays and Sundays ※ Our company's regulations
Conditions / welfare and benefits
Paid vacation
Commuting allowance as regulated
Social insurance
Air conditioned environment
Private vehicle commuting allowed